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teens-group-standingThe San Bernardino Family YMCA offers a wide variety of programs for people of all ages. Choose the program you want to learn more about and check dates, times and other information.


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Latest News & Programs

Summer ChopChop - English

Simple Steps To Healthier Kids – Summer

Nothing says “summer” like a fresh, sun-warmed tomato you grew yourself—but the next best thing is to get one at a farm stand or supermarket! Tomatoes are a superfood, filled with vitamin C, lutein (which is good for your eyes), and lycopene, the cancer-fighting antioxidant that gives them their red color. Select firm tomatoes with a deep color, a tomatoey aroma, and no bruises. Store them at room temperature for a few days, where they’ll continue to ripen—but never in the refrigerator, where they get mealy.


Check Our Handout Here
For recipes and tips and tricks of picking the perfect Summer Produce.

Summer-ChopChop---English-1 Summer-ChopChop---English-2


Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program

Let’s Go Learn!

With the success of last year’s summer learning loss prevention program the Y is proud to announce it will be bringing back the program again!
Make no mistake this is not a tutoring program, this is an opportunity to have your child succeed and excel; where the otherwise average student would lose up to half of a grade level over the summer.

Addressing the rising concern of summer learning loss, often referred to as the “Summer Slide.”
We utilize the latest technology: Tackling Math and English with the ADAM & DORA EDGE educational software authored by Let’s Go Learn, Inc.

This program is part of the Adventure Day Camp, an hour a day is set aside during the traditional day camp experience to protect your children from falling behind. Ask the front desk how to make sure your child gets one of the limited spots available. Registration for Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program is FREE.





Yoga lady

Gentle Yoga

Have you always wondered if Yoga was right for you? Gentle Yoga presents an introduction to basic yoga poses. The class emphasizes stretching, coordination of breath with movement and attention to alignment.

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays Times: 6pm-7pm & 7pm-8pm

Fee: $25 


(ages 3-13)
Little Rookies Basketball is a youth basketball program for youth ages 3-13 years old who want to learn the basics of basketball. This program encompasses a variety of drills to develop skills and abilities to prepare for youth leagues.

Day: Saturdays


9:30-10:00am (Itty Bitty: ages 3-5)

10:00-11:00am (Beginners: 6+)

11:00-12:00pm (Intermediate: 6+)

Fee: $35/$52 (ages 3-5: $25/$45)


Arrowhead United Way

Knowledge Revealed is a free mentoring and tutoring program that addresses the low college going rates in the San Bernardino area. Knowledge Revealed aims to provide all students with the ability to attain the knowledge necessary to get into college.

Days: Mon-Thurs 4:00-7:00pm
Fees: None (Free)

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The Y JumpStart Program is a structured personal exercise program based on a multi-dimentional plan for the nonexerciser. The program focus is to create a one-on-one relationship with a coach that ensures social support, enhances self-confidence, and establishes a routine for exercise with an emphasis on self motivating benefits. The YJSP will jumpstart your wellness routine with a balanced amount of internal and external support while familiarizing you with the YMCA’s fitness center and other health and wellness programs. FREE for Full Facility Members only.

Some Great Benefits of the YJSP:
1. Five FREE one-on-one sessions with your YMCA coach.
2. Accountability to get you started on your path to good health & wellness.
3. Identification of short and long term goals.
4. Enhancement of your self-confidence.
5. We will establish an exercise routine that will fit into your busy lifestyle.


Sessions begin by appointment only.
FREE for Full Facility Members only.




Our newest program will teach youth to design, build, and operate robots in a variety of challenges. Our robot kits will allow teens to experiment with different types and designs in an attempt to solve several challenges, including head-to-head competitions and obstacle courses. This program is a great way to increase knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.), which is becoming more and more necessary for young adults entering college and the workforce. Plus, you get to build robots!


Fees: $220 Full Facility Member $255 Program Member

For more information contact us:

Register Online Today!


In this class children ages 6-36 months will play socially with parents and other participants for the first half hour, followed directly by swimming lessons designed specifically for them. These lessons promote water enrichment with activities such as kicking, bubbles, splashing, submerging with recovery, jumping in, and reaching for the wall. Class is done with parent or a trusted adult, and songs as well as games are utilized to provide a fun learning environment.

When: Tuesday/Thursday10:30-11:30am

Fee: $40/$60


This class offers an introduction to Ballet Folklorico, a true cultural dance experience for all boys and girls.  Youth will learn steps and choreography and experience a fun way to express themselves through dance while learning about Hispanic heritage. Open to children ages 6 and up.

When:  Mondays from 5:00–6:00pm

Fee: $38/$58

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The Adventure Guides Program is designed to provide you and your child with one-on-one quality time, and time spent with other parent-child pairs. While activities for the whole family are important, we see tremendous value in supporting and strengthening the bond between individual parents and their child. Our events and activities help the parent and his or her child communicate at an early age in ways that are caring, honest, respectful, and responsible. We seek to encourage you as a parent to get to know your child while your kid is still a kid.

Events planned for 2015-2016:

• Model Boat Races

• Night at the Natural History Museum

• Winter Camp at Camp Edwards

• Flick and Float Movie event in our pool

• Craft Nights

• Many More!


*Adventure Guides Program runs from September through May.

For more information contact us:


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Birthday Parties

Highland and San Bernardino

Plan your next Birthday Party at the Y! Invite up to 20 guests for a themed party, such as aquatics, sports, arts & crafts. Reservations required. Inquire at membership desk for more details.

Fee: Based on party size


Swim Lessons




Get ready for Summer swim lessons! Our instructors are here to help by teaching the basics of proper technique or to help hone the stroke of a long time swimmer.


Swim Lessons Summer 2015




SUMMER I – June 1-27
Full Facility Membership Registration: May 11
Program Membership Registration: May 18

SUMMER II – June 29-July 25
Full Facility Membership Registration: June 15
Program Membership Registration: June 22

SUMMER III – July 27-Aug 22
Full Facility Membership Registration: July 13
Program Membership Registration: July 20
There are no lessons July 4.

Tue/Thur or Mon/Wed $40/$63 Sat $27/$42
June 1-27


SUMMER I – June 1-11, June 15-25
Full Facility Membership Registration: May 11
Program Membership Registration: May 18

SUMMER II – June 29-July 9, July 13-23
Full Facility Membership Registration: June 15
Program Membership Registration: June 22
SUMMER III – July 27-Aug 6, Aug 10-21
Full Facility Membership Registration: July 13
Program Membership Registration: July 20

Fees: Mon-Thur $40/$63

All classes are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated.


Parent/Child I (ages 6 mos – 3 years) Promotes water enrichment with activities such as kicking, bubbles, splashing, submerging with recovery and jumping in and reaching for the wall. Class is done with parent or other trusted adult. Songs and games are utilized to provide a fun learning environment.

Parent/Child II Flotation Skills (ages 6 mos – 18 mos) Designed to teach flotation skills. Skills include relaxing on the back in various positions, floating on the back as well as rolling over from the stomach to the back. The class is taught in a supportive environment with calming songs to help infants learn important skills.

Preschool I (Pike / ages 3-5) Designed to help swimmers feel more comfortable and confident in and around the water. Emphasizes water safety, kicking, submerged bubble blowing and floating.

Preschool II (Eel / ages 3-5) Designed for children who can independently place their faces in the water. Emphasis on water safety, freestyle, backstroke and water comfort.

Preschool II (Ray / ages 3-5) Designed for swimmers who are comfortable and confident in the water. Swimmers will practice streamlines, front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and safety skills.

Preschool III (Starfish / ages 3-5) Designed for swimmers who can successfully swim freestyle and backstroke the width of the pool. Swimmers will learn the kicks for breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers also work on endurance.



Youth I (Polliwog / ages 6-12) Designed for participants with little or no previous water experience. Emphasizes floating, water adjustment, kicking, streamlining and safety.

Youth I (Guppy / ages 6-12) Designed for swimmers who have had minimal swimming experience. Focuses on helping students gain more mobility in the water unassisted. A child must be able to float on his/her back and swim 15 feet independently to participate.

Youth II (Minnow) (ages 6-12) Designed to refine basic swimming skills including rotary breathing for front crawl, breaststroke kick and elementary backstroke. Swimmers will work on building endurance.

Youth III (Fish / ages 6-12) Continues to develop freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly skills. Emphasis will be on stroke refinement, building endurance, treading and flip turns.

Youth III (Flying Fish / ages 6-12) Designed for swimmers who have a strong aquatic knowledge and ability in a variety of strokes. Introduction to butterfly, sidestroke, flip turns and rescue skills. Focus is on technique and advanced skills.

Teen & Adult (ages 13+) Designed for participants age 13 and up. Youth and adult levels are arranged according to ability, not age, providing a focus on the skills that are appropriate for their ability.


San Bernardino and Highland combine Pike and Eel to form Preschool I, Polliwog and Guppy to form Youth I and Fish and Flying Fish to form Youth II.



Register Preschool Swimming Lessons (6 mos-5 yrs) 
Register Youth Swimming Lessons (6 yrs & Up) 
Register Teen/Adult Swimming Lessons (13 yrs & up) 



CPR/First Aid

Ages: 14 and up

Class provides participants with the knowledge and skills to respond to heart and breathing emergencies for adults, children and infants as well as basic first aid. It is not designed for professional rescuers; firefighters, lifeguards, paramedics, nurses, etc…

Must attend ONE Class


Registration: through start of each class

Class Dates: 

Highland: June 27, July 26, Aug 30

Redlands: June 6, July 11, Aug 15

San Bernardino: June 6, July 11, Aug 1

Days/Times: Sat 9:00am-6:00pm

Cost: $40/Full Facility Member, $50/Basic Program Member, $60 Participant


Register Online Today!


Itty Bitty Soccer

(ages 3-6)

This program will offer young, potential athletes the fundamental skills and techniques needed in soccer. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children in this fun and supportive environment!

Days: Saturdays

Summer I: June 6-27

Summer II: July 11-Aug 01

Summer III: Aug 08-29

Time: 10:15-11:00am

Fees: $25/$45 – 1 class per mber


Days: Mon/Wed


  • 5:30-6:00pm (*Itty Bitty: ages 3-5)
  • 6:00-7:00pm (Level 1: ages 6+)
  • 7:00-8:00pm (Level 2&3: ages 6+)

Fees: $38/$58 (ages 3-5: $25/$45)

Register Online Today!


Adventure Day Camp

Your Kid’s summer destination! Looking for safe, fun, and great place to send your kid’s while school is out? Our lineup of activities and field trips will take you from the beach, to the stars, and beyond! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have a blast this summer and make lifelong friends at the YMCA. Weekly activities include recreational sports, art projects, science experiments, music and movement, field trips, learning, and so much more!


Fees: $130/$155


Upcoming Day Camp Dates: 

June 1- 5 – Party in the USA, (Highland and San Bernardino ONLY)

June 8- 12 – Around the World, (Highland and San Bernardino ONLY)

June 15- 17 – Myths & Legends

June 22-26 – Desert Oasis

June 29- July 3 – National Treasures

July 6- 10 – Seven Seas

July 13- 17 – Wide Wonders of Science

July 20- 24 – Games

July 27- 31 – Hometown Heroes

Aug 3- 7 – Trip ThroughTime, (Redlands and Highland ONLY)