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reading-girl-elmerThe Highland Family YMCA offers a wide variety of programs for people of all ages. Choose the program you want to learn more about and check dates, times and other information.


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(8 weeks – 12 yrs old)

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Latest News & Programs

Legal Aid Q&A Meeting

If you ever have questions about family law, this message is you? Ever wonder how long a spouse has to pay spousal support/alimony? Every wonder how you can modify an existing court order and attain full or joint custody? Lastly, every wonder how the court determines what the best interest of the child will be? Well, your YMCA LEGAL AID clinic can provide the answers. This month at the Highland location, the YMCA LEGAL AID STAFF will be introducing to some and re-introducing to others our services plus answering those questions and answering other questions in a Q and A session on July 22nd at 6pm. Attending, will be the current legal aid director and staff. So, save up your questions and bring them to our Q and A session and we will be happy to assist you.


July 22nd at 6 p.m.



7793 Central Ave.
Highland, CA 92346




Our newest program for teens will teach youth to design, build, and operate robots in a variety of challenges.  Our robot kits will allow teens to experiment with different types and designs in an attempt to solve several challenges, including head-to-head competitions and obstacle courses.  Classes will meet 1-2 times per week at each of our branches in Redlands, Highland and San Bernardino.  This program is a great way to increase knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.), which is becoming more and more necessary for young adults entering college and the workforce.  Plus, you get to build robots!


For more information contact Sam Albrecht at (909) 798-9622, salbrecht@ymcaeastvalley.org

Family Fun Nights


Join us for an evening filled with fun family themed activities, crafts and light dinner. Please register at the front desk.


Date: 3rd Friday of the month

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Fee: Free for Facility Members





“Among the oldest family programs at the Y, parent-child programs have lasted and grown over the years because they offer families a unique opportunity.  One parent and one child spend time together, having fun and sharing experiences that lead to a better understanding of each other and a closer relationship.  They do this within a supportive small community of other one parent-one child pairs, which is their Circle.  Together, parents guide their children through a wide array of experiences aimed at helping children reach their full potential.  And parents grow, too.  The leadership skills they acquire and the friends they make create lasting memories.  Through Adventure Guides, you and your child will grow closer and develop memories and friends to last a lifetime.” – Excerpt from Friends Forever Second Edition, YMCA of the USA

This program is designed for kids in grades 1 through 5 and their parents.  The Program year runs from December through June and may include Winter Camp at Edwards, a Night at the La Brea Tar Pits, Camp Surf, and many other activities.


For more information contact Sam Albrecht at (909) 798-9622, salbrecht@ymcaeastvalley.org

Birthday Parties

Highland and San Bernardino

Plan your next Birthday Party at the Y! Invite up to 20 guests for a themed party, such as aquatics, sports, arts & crafts. Reservations required. Inquire at membership desk for more details.

Fee: Based on party size

ymca arts

Come join us every Monday from 6:00pm – 7:00pm and discover your creative side as we work together to create and enjoy weekly art projects. This program is FREE and is for ages 5-18.


Swim Lessons




Get ready for Summer swim lessons! Our instructors are here to help by teaching the basics of proper technique or to help hone the stroke of a long time swimmer.



2014 Summer Swim Lessons Schedule (Click Here)



AUG SESSION Aug 4-Aug 30
Full facility membership registration: July 21
Program membership registration: July 28
Fees: Tue/Thur or Mon/Wed $40/$63 Sat $27/$42
All classes are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated.
There are no lessons June 30-July 7.



JULY SESSION July 21-July 31
Full facility membership registration: June 16
Program membership registration: June 23
AUG SESSION Aug 4-Aug 14, Aug 18-Aug 28
Full facility membership registration: July 21
Program membership registration: July 28


Fees: Mon-Thur $40/$63
All classes are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise indicated.


Parent/Child I (ages 6 mos – 3 years) Promotes water enrichment with activities such as kicking, bubbles, splashing, submerging with recovery and jumping in and reaching for the wall. Class is done with parent or other trusted adult. Songs and games are utilized to provide a fun learning environment.

Parent/Child II Flotation Skills (ages 6 mos – 18 mos) Designed to teach flotation skills. Skills include relaxing on the back in various positions, floating on the back as well as rolling over from the stomach to the back. The class is taught in a supportive environment with calming songs to help infants learn important skills.

Parent/Child III Swim Skills (ages 14 mos – 3 years) Intended to teach young children to use flotation skills while swimming. Some of the skills taught include kicking on ones back and rolling over on to the back after voluntary submerging. Class uses a fun and supportive environment to teach basic swimming skills.

Preschool I (Pike / ages 3-5) Designed to help swimmers feel more comfortable and confident in and around the water. Emphasizes water safety, kicking, submerged bubble blowing and floating.

Preschool II (Eel / ages 3-5) Designed for children who can independently place their faces in the water. Emphasis on water safety, freestyle, backstroke and water comfort.

Preschool II (Ray / ages 3-5) Designed for swimmers who are comfortable and confident in the water. Swimmers will practice streamlines, front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and safety skills.

Preschool III (Starfish / ages 3-5) Designed for swimmers who can successfully swim freestyle and backstroke the width of the pool. Swimmers will learn the kicks for breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers also work on endurance.



Youth I (Polliwog / ages 6-12) Designed for participants with little or no previous water experience. Emphasizes floating, water adjustment, kicking, streamlining and safety.

Youth I (Guppy / ages 6-12) Designed for swimmers who have had minimal swimming experience. Focuses on helping students gain more mobility in the water unassisted. A child must be able to float on his/her back and swim 15 feet independently to participate.

Youth II (Minnow) (ages 6-12) Designed to refine basic swimming skills including rotary breathing for front crawl, breaststroke kick and elementary backstroke. Swimmers will work on building endurance.

Youth III (Fish / ages 6-12) Continues to develop freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly skills. Emphasis will be on stroke refinement, building endurance, treading and flip turns.

Youth III (Flying Fish / ages 6-12) Designed for swimmers who have a strong aquatic knowledge and ability in a variety of strokes. Introduction to butterfly, sidestroke, flip turns and rescue skills. Focus is on technique and advanced skills.

Teen & Adult (ages 13+) Designed for participants age 13 and up. Youth and adult levels are arranged according to ability, not age, providing a focus on the skills that are appropriate for their ability.


San Bernardino and Highland combine Pike and Eel to form Preschool I, Polliwog and Guppy to form Youth I and Fish and Flying Fish to form Youth II.



Register Preschool Swimming Lessons (6 mos-5 yrs) 
Register Youth Swimming Lessons (6 yrs & Up) 
Register Teen/Adult Swimming Lessons (13 yrs & up) 



Adventure Day Camp

Have fun at the Highland Family YMCA during Summer break! Activities include crafts, swimming, games, sports, field trips and much more. For more information, contact contact us at 909-425-9622.

Time: 6:30am-6:30pm